We Make Quality Happen 

We're a team of quality control inspectors and supplier quality engineers who makes quality happen using our extensive experience in international quality standards, supplier management, quality control techniques, and quality management systems. We are bilingual and typically come from manufacturing, electronic, mechanical, and material engineering backgrounds.

Our customers remember us because of our integrity, professionalism, and the deeply investigative, detailed, problem-solving approach we use in our work.


How We Work

AMREP China offers all levels of support for your quality problems, ranging from individual inspectors for the simple issues to Support Quality Teams and Core Quality Teams for the more complex ones. A Core Quality Team is made up of SQEs and supporting quality inspectors. A Support Quality Team consists of quality control inspectors with special and inspection skills. Some of our clients have deployed hundreds of our SQEs on an ongoing basis. 

We've also developed a special skills classification system for our SQEs and QCs so that no matter how complex your problems are, we'll have the right quality person for you.
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